As you may already know, the Sunroom is transitioning into the Quantum Martial Arts Studio in April.    The good news is that our community is invited to stay!   

As of  Saturday, April 4th there will be no Sunroom NYM classes there due to construction.   

Classes at Eros, Aquarian, and Menlo will NOT be impacted!  So be sure to check out those spaces if you haven’t already.

Classes will restart once construction is complete! 

Right now we are hoping that classes will restart with Eli’s class on  Wed, April 15th but please keep an eye on our page here and/or our calendar page on www.nakedyogasf.com for updates.  We will also be looking for a few work trade folks or volunteer who can attend classes for a reduced rate for helping with set up and clean up before and after class.  Reach out to the teacher of the class that you are attending if you are interested. 

The not so good news: As of April, we will no longer be offering loaner/rental mats in the Sunroom/Quantum Martial Arts space.  Please be sure to bring your own!!



There are very few venues where men can come together and connect spiritually, mentally and physically in the absence of sexual tension. Join us in this playful and fun yoga class for men who want to bond in a unique way. This is a great opportunity to experience non-sexual male intimacy.

Ken assists with an inversion during class

Ken assists a student deepen his practice


There are a number of reasons to practice naked. While our society often equates being naked with sex, other cultures have found that being naked removes many social and economic barriers. It is also very freeing to move the body without the restriction of clothing, and yoga provides a great way to deepen body acceptance. Also, being naked can bring up many of our vulnerabilities. By facing these fears in the context of a safe and supportive community of men, we naturally become more grounded and comfortable with ourselves.


Men of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages and physical abilities are welcome to attend. Whether you are straight, gay or bi; new to yoga or a long time yogi – you are welcome. All you need is yourself, a bottle of water and a towel and a yoga mat.  PLEASE NOTE:  We encourage people to refrain from wearing colognes and scented deodorants as some people are sensitive to these smells.  At the same we ask that you please shower before class as some people are sensitive to natural smells as well.


“There is an endless net of threads throughout the universe…At every crossing of the threads there is an individual. And every individual is a crystal bead. And every crystal bead reflects not only the light from every other crystal in the net but also every other reflection throughout the universe.”   -Indra’s Net


“The mystical bond of brotherhood makes all men brothers.”
-Thomas Carlyle


Bryan in a forward fold

Bryan in a forward fold

“Each of us is a being in himself and a being in society, each of us needs to understand himself and understand others, take care of others and be taken care of himself.” ~Haniel Long


Upward facing Dog

Upward-facing Dog


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