“Peter Wong’s Restorative Yoga class [6:30p.m.-7:45p.m. on Saturdays]  carries me away from the everyday and deep into myself and the harmony of my being, connected and singing in the vast beauty of the universe. After class, no doing, just this timeless being.”  – Bill Meyer
“Restorative yoga with Peter is an extremely relaxing, calming, and self nurturing experience. Unlike a typical flow class, which can pump up the volume and work you out in a sweaty series of asanas, Peter’s restorative class allows you to go inside and relax deeply, holding poses using various props for a more prolonged period of time. This quiet holding is both challenging and soothing at the same time. It is a wonderful way to spend an evening, and truly is a gift to yourself.”         -Tom Mason
“In the moment, it feels like not much is happening, but days later the effects of Peter’s gentle guidance through restorative poses provides a nearly out of body experience. Give yourself the gift of this class, I promise you’ll be glad you did.”   -Stephen S.